John Wheeler, Producer of “This Week in Nuclear”

I’m an engineer, a father, a podcaster, a triathlete, and a manager in the nuclear industry.

I started “This Week in Nuclear” because I was tired of anti-nuclear bias in the mainstream media and the misinformation being propagated by a few very vocal, well-funded anti-nuclear activists.   My podcasts and blogs gives the other side of the story; one that’s founded in science, facts, and real world experience.

“This Week in Nuclear” provides the unique perspective of someone who’s “been there and done that.”   I’ve worked in the nuclear energy industry for more than 20 years operating reactors and power plants, training nuclear workers, and managing various groups and projects.   It’s a perspective you won’t get anywhere else, and certainly not in the mainstream media!


NOTE:  This web site was created by John Wheeler’s technology and business consulting and services company, ClearTrend LLC.

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