Join Your Favorite Nuclear Bloggers & Podcasters in Washington DC on Nov 17! (Fast Fission Podcast 6)

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Who says blogging and podcasting has to be all work and no play?  Come and join your favorite nuclear bloggers, reporters, writers and podcasters at an “underground meet up” on Tuesday, November 17 , 2009 at 6:00 PM at the Omni Hotel.  Participants will include more than a dozen of today’s most influential pro-nuclear voices on the Internet and in print.

My sources tell me the following people have indicated they plan to attend:

  • Rod Adams, Atomic Insights Blog and The Atomic Show podcast
  • Dan Yurman, Idaho Samizdat blog and The Energy Collective
  • Yours truely (John Wheeler, This Week in Nuclear)
  • Nancy Roth, Andrea Jennetta; Fuel Cycle Week Blog
  • Ted Rockwell, Learning about Nuclear Blog
  • William Tucker, author, Terrestrial Energy and blogger at Energy Collective,
  • Edward Kee, moderator of the “Nuclear Power, Next Generation Group,” at Linkedin,
  • Jarret Adams, Areva US blog,
  • Tim Chambers, Dewey Square Group, and
  • Dave Bradish, lead blogger, Nuclear Energy Institute
  • Cam Abernethy, Webmaster, Nuclear Street
  • Alan Rominger, North Carolina State University
  • Lisa Stiles, pro-nuclear activist and occasional contributor to NEI Nuclear Notes and various other blogs and podcasts
  • Jeff Madison of Cool Hand Nuke
  • Ruth Markus, blogger at , and a former ANS president

Word is spreading quickly and the celebrity list is growing by the day!

I referred to the event as “underground” because while it is being held at the same venue as the ANS Winter Meeting, our gathering is independent of ANS.  And hey, “underground”describes independence and spontaneity which is certainly the case.  Plus having an ‘underground meet up” sounds much cooler than saying we’re having a meeting or a party!  Anyway, it is sure to be a great time.  Who knows, maybe we’ll do a live show!

Everyone is invited – just show up!  If we overflow the space we’ll move to a nearby social establishment!

Light refreshments are being provided by Areva and Cool Hand Nuke.  Many thanks to Dan Yurman for his leadership in kicking this off!

Author: John Wheeler

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