Who are those Nuclear Bloggers Anyway?!

There will be a rare convergence of nuclear bloggers in Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon, June 17 at the annual ANS Conference.  Rod Adams of “The Atomic Show” podcast and “Atomic Insights” blog, and Dan Yurman of the “Idaho Samizdat” blog will join me for a panel discussion hosted by David Pointer on “Focus on Communications in the New Media.”


Thank you Dan for suggesting that we hold an informal networking event immediately following the panel discussion!  Any and all nuclear energy bloggers, podcasters, or other online content producers are invited to join us.  Follow Rod, Dan or me on Twitter and we’ll tweet the details!  Dan’s description of the networking event: 

The objective is to form a more coherent network following the conference for information sharing, cross-posting of links to excellent content, and so forth.  Bring your ideas!

 All of you “old media” types are welcome to join us , too!


Cartoon courtesy of abagond.wordpress.com.

Author: John Wheeler

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