Is “Pro-Nuclear” Becoming a Badge for Progressive Thinkers?

I’ve been enjoying the recent rash of pro-nuclear editorials in newspapers and other traditional media over the last several months.  I think this is a sign that momentum is building for transition from passive public support to a more active, vocal cry for more nuclear in our energy mix.

Here are some examples:

5 Myths on Nuclear Energy

On the comparison of nuclear power plants to atomic bombs

A nuclear power plant is a radically different machine, designed with great care to convert nuclear fission into steady power over a period of years. You couldn’t turn a nuclear reactor into a bomb any more easily than you could power your house with a hand grenade.

House Wrong to Rule Out Nuclear

Regarding the recent vote in Minnesota to continue their ban on new nuclear plants…

It is disturbing that the Minnesota House of Representatives has voted to sustain a 15-year moratorium on the construction of nuclear power plants in the state. There are many reasons that nuclear power may not be an answer to Minnesota’s carbon pollution problems, but to simply rule it out of the equation does not make very much sense.

Now is the Time to Go Nuclear

And one of my favorites…

Let’s get one thing straight.  Nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons are not the same thing.  It’s understandable that the term “nuclear” instigates fear.  After all, the nuclear arms race was central to the Cold War.   But fear should not excuse ignorance.

It’s way too early to tell, but perhaps someday it will be “hip” to be “nuclear.”

As a nuclear geek, I won’t get my hopes up!

Author: John Wheeler

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