Dissapointed by Facts They Don’t Like, Anti-nuclear Activists Resort to Throwing Compost

Anti-nuclear activists in Vermont are a strange breed.  Yesterday the NRC gave Vermont Yankee the high marks they deserve for plant safety and other performance measures.  The anry anti-nukes responded with compost, throwing it, covering NRC documents with it, and spreading it into water glasses.

It wasn’t just invectives that flew from mouths of the anti-nuclear activists at Thursday’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission meeting in Brattleboro.  One activist also threw compost at Vermont Yankee’s site vice president <name redacted>.   Carrying a bag to the front of the conference room, she threw a handful of “spent food” at <name redacted> and other Entergy executives before depositing handfuls of compost on a table where NRC officials sat.

The NRC was in Brattleboro to discuss Yankee’s 2008 annual assessment, in which the agency stated the nuclear power plant was operated “in a manner that preserved public health and safety and fully met all cornerstone objectives.”

The above was edited to remove inflammatory remarks by a clearly deranged activist.

What really amazed me was not the ill behavior of the anti-nukes (I’ve come to expect that!), but the supportive and even jovial manner in which the “Brattelboro Reformer” the local newspaper covered the story.

Author: John Wheeler

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