Japan’s Nuclear Plants and their Operators are Performing Amazingly Well to Protect the Health & Safety of the Public

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan as they deal with this natural disaster of unprecedented magnitude.

While I’ve been unable to post blogs or record a podcast this weekend, I’ve been trying to stay engaged by sharing news and bits of analysis via my twitter feed. There has been some excellent fact based coverage of the reactor damaging event at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.  Unfortunately, very little of the excellent coverage is coming from mainstream media sources.

When the opportunity arises, please point your friends and colleagues to one of the following sources for factual coverage of the events:

· The Atomic Insights blog

· The American Nuclear Society Blog

· The Depleted Cranium blog

· Idaho Samizdat

· Brave New Climate

This is an incomplete list, but these are a good starting point and they will lead you to other accurate reports and analysis.

As I have watched the events unfold I am encouraged by the deliberate and methodical actions of the plant’s operators and the performance of the robust nuclear reactor design.  Even in these incredibly adverse conditions that far exceeded the plant’s design basis the public is being kept safe.  When the dust has settled we’ll be able to say once again that even in worse case situations nuclear energy is a safe and important part of our energy supply.

As one person commented on my twitter feed, the refineries, natural gas plants, and other  fossil fuel infrastructure in the quake affected area are all damaged beyond recovery.  By contrast, the nuclear plants held up amazingly well.  Most will be able to resume operation after repairs and thorough inspections.  As I write this post there are no reports of members of the public being harmed by the nuclear plants and the World Health Organization has issued a statement that no public health effects are expected from the nuclear fuel damaging events.

John Wheeler

Author: John Wheeler

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