“Leak” at Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant: CNN and ABC News Get it Wrong



This Week in Nuclear Episode 80 – MP3 File

If you were watching CNN or ABC News last night and this morning you may have believed a major accident was underway at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant. Both news sources reported there had anc_tmi been a “radiation leak” at the plant and more than 100 workers were contaminated.  

Both CNN and ABC News were blatantly wrong; there was not a “radiation leak” from the plant. What happened was a minor spread of radioactive dust and particles during maintenance activities inside the reactor building. Some workers in the vicinity got material on their clothes and skin that had to be washed off. The material was easily contained and there was no leak from the plant into the environment.cnn_tmi

I first learned about this from April Schilpp, who I follow on Twitter. April is a communications specialist in Lancaster, PA. 

In this podcast April and I discuss what happened, how the social media helped get the word out, and how the companies and other stakeholders could have used social media to keep the mainstream news sources honest.

Author: John Wheeler

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